Interested in a festival PR internship?

Are you a student looking for more PR experience over summer? Read on.

THE 26th Midsumma Festival will run in Melbourne from Sunday 12 January to Sunday 2 February, 2014 and you could play a role in making it a success. Continue reading

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Inspirational: The common trait between Dairy and IT guests

On Tuesday October 29, eleven PR students attended the final theMediaPod dinner for 2013. Business women Natalie Collard and Kate Carruthers chatted with students and shared personal stories, advice and inspiration over pizza and drinks. Alison Todd reports.

DAIRY farming and IT aren’t two sectors that you associate with each other, but common themes for women in business emerged at the year’s final theMediaPod dinner with guests Natalie Collard and Kate Carruthers.

Kate Carruthers (left) and Deakin University student Kate Master discuss a bright idea about "the internet of things".

Kate Carruthers (left) and Deakin University student Kate Masters discuss a bright idea about “the internet of things”.

Natalie, Chief Executive Officer of Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF), was this year’s Telstra Business Women’s Award winner in the Community & Government category. Prior to joining ADF, Natalie was the Manager-Rural Affairs for the National Farmers’ Federation. Natalie graduated from the Australian Institute of Company Directors and also has a Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) from La Trobe University.

Continue reading

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Bust out of your comfort zone

Currently studying at Deakin University’s Warrnambool campus, Belinda Balbissi has three subjects to complete before heading into the competitive world of business and management, with a Bachelor of Commerce in hand. Follow Belinda on Twitter: @BelindaNaj


Deakin’s Warrnambool campus is just a short distance from the beach.

WARRNAMBOOL is a great place to live and study. The hustle and bustle of Melbourne can be too much for me at times (especially the traffic, but that’s another story).  I’m now living a stones throw from the beach, public transport, and Warrnamool’s CBD. With friendly faces in the library, and the  great relationships you build with tutors and lecturers, you definitely feel less like a number at Deakin’s Warrnambool campus, and more like a good friend to all those you see on campus on a daily basis. Continue reading

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A world without social networks? *cough*

Can you imagine a world without social networks? Is social networking the new tobacco? Ross Monaghan shares his thoughts. Connect with Ross on Twitter: @themediapod

HELLO, I’m Ross, and I’m not a social media addict.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy social networking. It’s crucial in my work, it’s important in my private life. What I like about it is it’s way of connecting me with friends, family, and potentially anyone on the planet. It’s the interaction and human contact that I enjoy. But I also enjoy that interaction offline as well. To me, social media is just another way to connect and communicate with people.

I’m sure some people have a problem though. On the Cellophane blog, the C Word Agency points out that “social media (SM) is now embedded in our workday the same way the phone and email have become”. They also lightheartedly ask the question: Is social networking the new smoking? The post has a handy checklist to determine if you are addicted…but I didn’t want to read it, just in case I do have a problem. (No interventions please.)

Life has forever changed because of social networking. This great three-minute video by Korea’s Beomseok Yang illustrates how many people see life with, and without, social networking.

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Intern at one of Australia’s fastest growing small agencies

Would you like to Intern at a PR Report listed “Top 5 by growth Independent Agency”? Yes? Then read on.

UPDATE: Sarah is no longer taking applications. I’ll post again when she’s looking for interns.

Dawn till dusk logoSINCE inception, Dawn til Dusk Publicity has become a breakthrough publicity agency offering something that Director (and Deakin University PR graduate), Sarah Findlay believed was missing from the PR industry. Continue reading

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How social media makes you a loser (and a winner)

Deakin University PR graduate Melanie Gilcrist reports on the slimming effects of social media. Follow Melanie’s blog:

Photo of Melanie boxing with her housemate

Melanie Gilcrist (right) fighting her way to better health, and a better understanding of social media.

AS a PR student, I love writing – so it was great when I started my blog on communications issues about a year ago; however the tone is relatively professional and the target market is quite specific. So I wanted to try a second blog, something more light-hearted that would be more marketable to a wider audience and help develop my skills in multimedia and SEO.

The idea came to me as my housemate and I were watching our favourite show – The Biggest Loser (TBL). We were whining about the weight we’ve gained since high school; because when your budget only allows for two-minute noodles, and time you used to play sport in is now taken up by assignment writing, this is pretty inevitable. Continue reading

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Public Relations education: Are we making a difference?

Public relations education evaluation study

The Hunter Institute of Mental Health (Hunter Institute) is seeking recently graduated public relations practitioners to participate in an exciting new research project.

The purpose of the evaluation study is to gather information about the exposure public relations practitioners had to training around how to communicate about sensitive health related issues during their undergraduate studies. Continue reading

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Science communicators share their proofreading tips

With help from fellow members of the professional body Australian Science Communicators, Dr Ian McDonald shares some tips for proofreading your writing. Follow Ian on Twitter: @ianmcd85


Publishing your work has never been so quick or easy, but proofreading is still an important skill to learn. Photo: Jodi Green

I’m sure I am not the only one but I always find that proof-reading your own writeing is difficult – particularly when you are trying to find that last typo. Now, how many of you noticed the three errors in my first sentence? Even the smallest typo or grammatical error can distract the reader from the theme of a paragraph, even article. Do they remember what you are writing about or do they only remember that you misspelt a word (writing), added a hyphen (proofreading) and were not consistent in your style (I’m and I am).

I have learnt from personal experience. Putting hours of effort into researching, planning, writing and editing articles only to have readers point out that one typo you missed – frustrating yet completely understandable. It’s the industry we are in, so we have to deal with it. So, who was I going to call on to get some of the best tips in Australia – well the Australian Science Communicators of course. Continue reading

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Why you need an ePortfolio, and how to build one

Whether you want to be Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber or Katy Perry’s publicist, work for a fashion house, airline or resort or become a PR practitioner for a large organisation or consulting firm, you’re going to have to stand out from the crowd.
A great online portfolio can help, writes Ross Monaghan.


There are a range of ways to produce an online portfolio. Evernote is one option.

MANY of my students at Deakin University are close to finishing their degree. If they’ve followed my advice, they’ll have done plenty of extracurricular activity whilst studying – so it’s a good time to think about your online portfolio.

My advice when undertaking internships or voluntary positions is to be selfish. Get experience and skills in the areas that will benefit you. Continue reading

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Grasp every opportunity as a student: It pays off

The harder I work, the luckier I get, reports Deakin graduate Ryan Mobilia. Follow Ryan on Twitter: @ryan_mobilia

Ryan Mobilia

Ryan Mobilia (right) embraced all opportunities at Deakin University. They’ve all paid off.

THERE has been a familiar cycle to my post-university working life. The foundations  were laid during my spare time completing my Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) at Deakin University.

I find when the time comes for me to move onwards and upwards, some volunteer, internship, part-time or extra-curricular activity that I participated in during university will play a key role in helping me land the new job or opportunity.

It happens all the time. Continue reading

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